Weber Shandwick

Q&A: Weber Shandwick’s David Krejci on crisis and social media

David Krejci, Weber ShandwickDigital media has intensified the importance of fast, smart crisis communications strategies. Brands know they can’t control the public reaction to
snafus, nor can they ignore them or hope they’ll just fade away.

professionals routinely run drills to suss out
what will happen in a crisis. In this age of real-time social media, tools are emerging such as FireBell – a “social crisis simulator” from PR agency Weber Shandwick – to help make the reaction equally instantaneous.

Q&A: Maura Curtin, Social Media Advertising Consortium

There’s a new trade group in town. The Social Media Advertising Consortium (SMAC – pronounced “smack”) is newly-formed, but burgeoning body dedicated to best practices, measurement, defining smacand shaping one of the fastest-growing channels in digital advertising. We caught up recently with Executive Director Maura Curtin to learn more about what SMAC is up to…and what its plans are for the future.