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B2B businesses to focus on their websites in 2013: report

Nearly half of B2B companies will up their marketing budgets in 2013, with more than half of those saying they’ll increase their investment in email marketing, social media, online video and search.

But one marketing asset will be receiving the biggest investment by far: the company website. 

64 tips to make sure that your website delivers business value

With the economy in a seemingly perpetual crisis, businesses are under ever more pressure from their finance and managing directors to ensure all business tools and investments are delivering the desired results.

This includes websites ranging from simple brochure websites to marketing campaign websites to multi-channel international e-commerce solutions with integrated supply chains.

Six things you can learn from’s failure

In 2006, the domain name was purchased by a group of investors for a reported $14m.

The buyers of, Escom LLC, had big plans for their $14m domain name. According to a press release announcing the sale, “The new will transform into the market-leading adult
entertainment destination by offering compelling, next-generation web
interaction experiences to revolutionize the industry. The new
will leverage the millions of monthly unique visitors that are already
coming to the site while it continues to roll-out a host of
professionally produced products and services…

Four steps to profiting from a decent domain name

If you’re an entrepreneur, or budding entrepreneur, making money online can sometimes seem like a real challenge. In my opinion, that’s often because entrepreneurs focus on the wrong thing. They want to create a ‘startup’ and become the next Facebook or Twitter.

That’s a tall order and, for most of us, a recipe for disappointment. But if you’re willing to start out small and work hard, profit on the internet isn’t so elusive.