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Which of the top 10 US retailers has the slowest website?

Nobody likes a slow website, so it’s extremely important that businesses keep page loading times to a minimum.

You can read the precise stats in our post about site speed case studies, tips and tools for improving your conversion rate, but essentially if you run a slow website you’ll start to lose both traffic and sales.

To draw attention to this issue, we’ve previously evaluated the top UK retailers using Google’s site speed tool, as well as several UK newspapers.

So it only seemed fair that we also look at what Google thinks of the top 10 US retailers. And this time I also tested each of the sites using WebPageTest’s load speed tool.

Which of the top 10 UK retailers has the fastest website?

Maintaining a decent website speed while also plugging in all the necessary analytics, adverts and product promotions is no mean feat.

And losing even a few seconds on your load time can have an adverse impact on usability, conversions and SEO.

In fact, stats included in our recent post on how to improve site speed show that the average consumer expects sites to load in two seconds, and slow loading websites could cost retailers as much as £1.73bn in lost sales each year.

But help is at hand. Google has a free PageSpeed Insights tool that anyone can use to measure the load time of a particular website.

Site speed: case studies, tips and tools for improving your conversion rate

There are numerous studies that highlight how important site speed is for the user experience, but in truth it’s something that should be obvious to everyone.

Nobody likes to wait ages for web pages to load, particularly when it’s so easy to navigate to a competitor’s site.

Yet page speed is still an issue for many website owners and they are potentially losing a huge amount of revenue as a result.

To shed more light on how slow site speed might be undermining not only the user experience on your site but also your conversion rates, I’ve compiled this useful list of case studies, stats, tips and tools…