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The Web Week in Review

In a week that that saw a rally in global stock markets and is seeing some of the best Black Friday deals in recent memory, it seems like the world has been able to recapture some sense of normalcy.

Here’s the news that caught my attention this week.

Second Life faces real estate crunch of its own

Second Life has always been absurd to me, for a number of reasons. Additionally, I’ve always found interest in it as a marketing platform to be worth a hefty dose of skepticism.

But when I read an announcement posted on the Second Life blog last week, I had to check the date because I thought it might be April 1.

PR tries to sell ‘’ on eBay for $1m

Kudos to Annie Jennings for trying, but something tells me that she’s not going to sell the domain name ‘’ for more than a million bucks.

Annie, who runs a New Jersey-based PR firm, has fired over two jaw-dropping press releases informing me that the “hottest domain name is on sale at eBay”, with the minimum bid set to a staggering $1m.

Number of bids to date? Zero.

Brand engagement with Wii

It seems that every day we read about the declining effectiveness of advertising. How viewers skip through the adverts, can switch off to the marketing noise, no longer respond to our messages.

Brands are increasingly looking at more diverse ways to engage consumers in their products, and I believe there is currently no better opportunity than the Nintendo Wii.

Innocent maybe, but highly effective

After working on email marketing for many years, I have certainly seen many examples of the good, the bad and the ugly, with many unfortunately falling into the latter two.

However, one brand is leading the way with an email newsletter that has kept me hooked for nearly two years with fresh and engaging content.

MySpace founder ‘fibbed about age’

Tom Anderson, the co-founder and public face of MySpace, has been rumbled for lying about his age in his profile – he’s apparently four years older than he claims.

But besides showing how far he was prepared to go to appear in touch with MySpace’s yoof audience, and being pretty embarrassing, is this a big deal?