Employee engagement is as vital as customer experience

In the days when the world was real, consumer facing organisations had mission statements often engraved into a piece of metal and screwed into one of each stores’ four walls.

The mission statement usually referenced helping a community, both by providing employment and services or goods to the populace. The emphasis was on quality, both for employees and customers.

Some would say both of these commitments were neglected by many in the age of globalisation. But digital transformation programmes now gain their impetus from the need to improve customer experience, enabled by new technology.

So what’s on the other side of the coin? Is cultural change happening internally with the aim of improving employee engagement and well-being?

This is the draw of startups, mostly low pay but with a small shot at fortune and with the guarantee of flexible working and no bureaucracy. Of course, these benefits mean a lot more than just business hammocks.

The latest Towers Watson survey, released last year, shows that over two thirds of UK employers plan to increase spending on health and well-being in the next year. So what’s important to consider when laying out the employee prong of your digital transformation programme?

I’ve been looking at Good Day At Work’s latest annual report, looking at wellbeing in the workplace, to see if there are ways technology can help.