Nielsen reveals that streaming accounts for 14% of time spent on Xbox 360

If Microsoft needed any more support for its decision to reposition the Xbox 360 console as an all-in-on entertainment hub, Nielsen’s latest statistics provide just that.

The research company has revealed a sneak preview of its third annual 360° Gaming Report for the US market, which shows that streaming represents a reported 14% of time spent on the Xbox 360.

Is Microsoft’s Xbox strategy paying off?

Microsoft announced yesterday that it enjoyed its most successful year ever for the Xbox in 2008, with the number of users growing to 28m worldwide, increasing its lead over Sony’s rival PS3 console to 8m units.

More significantly perhaps, is the 84% year on year increase in sales via Xbox Live, which suggests that, despite lagging behind the Wii in terms of the number of consoles sold, its online strategy is paying dividends.