Woolworths South Africa: common sense social media with a small team

I attended Socialbakers’ Engage London 2014 conference and heard Sam Wilson, content strategy and social media head at Woolworths in South Africa, give some sage advice on social media management with a small team.

Sam’s small team of four predicates a need for teamwork and common sense decision making.

Here are some of the takeaways offering a reminder that good staff working on sound principles can make for an effective social presence.

User tests show Woolworths’ website needs a major revamp

As it’s one of Australia’s most successful grocery retailers, you may expect Woolworths to have an excellent e-commerce site.

In other markets major retail brands such as Tesco and Walmart have proven that online shoppers are integral for continued sales growth in the digital age.

But for reasons unknown, Woolworth’s doesn’t seem to have kept its site up-to-date.

To highlight some of the more obvious usability issues, we asked WhatUsersDo to run several user tests using its Australian panel.

Here are some of the findings, as well as my own observations…