Breaking down Google’s 2011 revenues: infographic

Hot on the heels of Google’s earnings announcement last Thursday, Wordstream has conducted analysis into the top 10 industries that spent the most money on ads with the search giant.

Resulting in $39.7bn overall, it seems that the finance & insurance industry contributed the most, followed closely by retailers & merchandise – and then travel.

Q&A: Evan Saks of 1-800-MATTRESS

evan saksEvan Saks’ hands were tied. As a regional head of advertising for a national franchise, he wasn’t allowed to build a better website. So he created a single landing page instead. A deft combination of that one page, a live chat application, and a new keyword management and discovery tool made conversion rates skyrocket — and resulted in 10X ROI.

We caught up with Evan to ask him how he did it.