World Cup 2014

20 best branded Vines and Instagram videos from World Cup 2014

Brazil 2014 is the first social video World Cup.

It’s quite telling how often Vines and Instagrams are used as part of the pre-match build-up by the BBC and ITV, either by showing videos the pundits or players have uploaded or by sharing ones from the fans themselves.

It’s even more extraordinary to think that neither channel existed during the time of last World Cup in 2010.

Brands (both sponsors and non-sponsors alike) are also capitalising on creating awareness and generating shares through Vine and Instagram by hijacking one of the most compelling global sporting competitions.

I regularly round-up the best Vines and Instagram Videos from brands every month, here are some of the best World Cup related ones I’ve seen so far…

11 wonderful World Cup 2014 stats & infographics

Today is the best day of the past four years, for it signals the beginning of the World Cup.

This obviously means that my inbox is overflowing with football-related stats, reports and surveys as brands and marketers seek to jump on FIFA’s bandwagon.

And in a shameless attempt to get myself on that same wagon trail, I’ve decided to round up all those press releases in one giant World Cup stats bonanza.

So here it is folks, feast your eyes on 950 words of World Cup goodness.

And for more of the same, download the Econsultancy Internet Statistics Compendium

A hat-trick of tips to succeed during this digital and social world cup

It’s hard to ignore the buzz surrounding the World Cup, and more and more marketers are being forced to take extreme action to stand out at in what is likely to be the biggest advertising opportunity of 2014.

Paddy Power’s deforestation stunt is likely the most successful example so far! 

Despite the attention on the more traditional PR stunts around the World Cup, this is expected to be the most digital and social World Cup to date.

As such, I wanted to share three considerations for your search, social and display campaigns to ensure success around the World Cup.

10 most shared branded ads for the 2014 World Cup, so far

Excitement prior to the start of the Brazilian World Cup is reaching fever… I can’t do it. I’ll start again. 

Before the Brazilian World Cup kicks… Aggh, I did it again! 

There’s all to play for when it comes to brands making an impact on the field before the whistle has even blown… I feel so unclean.

There’s something about football that brings out my inner cliche-loving hack. Maybe it’s because I’m subconsciously over-compensating due to a debilitating lack of football knowledge.

Maybe I should just embrace it.

Here for your entertainment are the most shared branded videos for the World Cup 2014 so far, according to the good folks at Unruly, replete with the laziest football cliches I can think of.

One of the most interesting current trend you’ll notice is how non-sponsors such as Nike and Samsung are completely dominating the chart, whereas official sponsors like Adidas, Sony and Hyundai have been left on the bench there or thereabouts.

For more pre-match analysis, see my fellow pundit Ben Davis’s post World Cup 2014: what should we expect from brands?