world usability day

Mobile banking: who do you trust with your finances?

Banking on a mobile phoneAs experts in digital marketing, I am sure you were all aware that Thursday 8 November was World Usability Day -a world wide event celebrating the importance of in usability in the digital world. 

This year’s theme was financial services and few would argue that usability was anything other than vital in this market. 

My colleagues at System Concepts contributed a video of interviews with potential customers and some key players in the mobile financial market in which the two mobile financial services providers interviewed were Vodafone and O2. 

This set me thinking: Do we trust mobile companies to give us banking, more than we trust banks to give us mobile services?

World Usability Day 2009 – OK It’s my fault!

World Usability Day LogoI was delighted when the Usability Professionals Association (UPA) chose sustainability as the theme for World Usability Day 2009 (WUD 2009).  They even quoted the revised human-centred design standard, which I helped to draft, explaining how human-centred design can have a positive impact on sustainability.

Recently we have been talking to some key people working in design and usability about how sustainability might influence design in the future.

Here I summarise some of the main themes that have emerged. We will be sharing the highlights of the interviews as a podcast to celebrate World Usability Day.

Something else you can do with a spreadsheet

I recently visited Professor Ben Shneiderman at the University of Maryland, arguably the world’s leading expert on user interface design, and talked to him about human computer interaction, sustainability, social network analysis and spreadsheets.

Ben’s most recent book, Designing the User Interface, with co-author Catherine Plaisant, is in its fifth edition and has lots
of compelling new material especially in visualisation and social
network technology.