Alternative payments used in 11% of online purchases in the UK

Alternative payments such as digital wallets and direct debits are set to overtake credit card payments as the predominant payment method in e-commerce, according to stats from WorldPay.

WorldPay’s new study, ‘Optimising Your Alternative Payments’, found that while credit and debit cards are the most common form of payment in the UK and US, in other European and emerging nations the use of alternative payments (APs) is growing rapidly.

APs are defined as anything other than credit or debit card payments.

UK consumers spend 25% of disposable income online

UK consumers spend 25% of their disposable income online, according to a new report from WorldPay.

This is the highest percentage among European nations and is 2% more than the average US consumer.

WorldPay’s Global Online Shopper Report found that the top three online spending categories for UK consumers are clothes (36%), food (33%) and money spent with department stores (33%).