writing for the web

Three online copywriting tips supported by research

When you’re writing for the web, there are many, many things to consider. 

To help our readers keep track of many of these considerations, Econsultancy regularly posts helpful tips and reminders about writing high-quality online copy.

12 elements of a user-friendly blog page

With high quality content playing an increasingly important part in search rankings, blogging has become a key part of almost any company’s marketing strategy.  

But writing interesting content is not enough in itself. You might have the best article in the world, but if it isn’t presented in a user-friendly format then nobody is going to read (or share) it. 

Nine surprisingly lengthy tips for cutting and editing your copy

‘I’m sorry for writing such a long letter: I didn’t have time to write a short one,’ Blaise Pascal once said. Well, quite. 

Probably the most common copywriting issue that people want to address on our courses is how to cut copy.

‘We have so much we want to say but our content’s way too long and clunky already.’

‘How we can say what we need to say in half as many words?’