Yahoo Answers

Facebook wants to help you answer your questions

Have a pressing question? Need an answer? Chances are you’ll
turn to your friends and family, but doing so isn’t always easy. Time
and distance often separate us from the people we know, and sometimes a
second or third opinion is needed.

So what’s the solution? If the company has its way, the answer to that
question is Facebook. Yesterday, the world’s largest social network
announced that its much-anticipated product, Facebook Questions, has
entered beta and is being released to a growing number of Facebook

Does the internet need another answers website?

If you have a question that you just can’t seem to find the answer to (or are too busy or lazy to do research), the internet has plenty of websites that make it easy to enlist the help of others to answer it.

From established players to Yahoo! Answers to to young hopefuls like Mahalo Answers, it’s safe to say that the Q&A space is not exactly underserved.