Majority of TV viewing now on-demand for one in four Brits

A quarter of the British population (26%) spend more time watching on-demand TV content than traditional linear TV, according to a new study by YouGov.

The trend is most prevalent among respondents aged 18-24, with 41% of this demographic watching a majority of on-demand content compared to 15% of people aged 55 or older.

The popularity of on-demand viewing is driven in part by the increased use of connected TV devices which give viewers access to a range of online content.

Study suggests 17% of British TV viewers use social media to find new shows

New research from Diffusion and YouGov suggests that one in five British TV viewers (17%) use social media as a way of discovering new programmes.

Based on an online survey of 2,025 UK consumers aged 18 to 55+, the report found that 39% turned to social media to guide them in their TV choices (defined as “helping discover new TV shows and be alerted to programmes that are currently on and being talked about”) – while 17% use social media to gain a “fresh perspective on what they are watching”.

47% of UK online population don’t like targeted ads based on social media activity

Almost half of UK social media users don’t like seeing ads based on their profile activities, according to new data from YouGov.

The study also found that 44% of respondents would not be more positive about a product their friends have followed or liked and 43% are unlikely to talk about a brand on a social media site even if they heard something positive about it.

YouGov poll considers acceptable topics for TV ads

YouGov has today released findings from a study into acceptable subjects for TV advertising.

In response to calls from The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons for the advertising of cosmetic surgery procedures to be banned, the research company polled 1693 adults in the UK via an online survey.

YouGov releases consumer predictions for 2012

Research company YouGov has today released its predictions for people’s consumption and behaviour in relation to smart TV, smartphones, digital radio and tablets throughout 2012.

The main points suggest that connected TV will not be taken up with gusto just yet, smartphone users largely ignore advertising on mobiles, and that DAB digital radio hasn’t quite lived up to the hype.