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YouTube to remove 30s unskippable ads: What does it mean for brands?

In a bid to enhance the user experience, Google has announced that it will be removing 30 second unskippable adverts from YouTube at the end of 2017.

While this decision might sound like bad news for advertisers – forcing them to win over consumers within a shorter time frame – it could in fact be a positive. 

Five tips for YouTube promoted video campaigns

Last year,
YouTube surpassed Yahoo as the world’s second largest search engine. In the UK alone, it attracts 17m unique users each month, with each of these users spending an
average of an hour on the site.

This makes YouTube a great place for marketers
to be getting their message across. But the
creation of a video is only half of the task at hand, attracting viewers is the
other half.

YouTube Promoted
Video Ads operate in a similar fashion to Google search ads and offer
advertisers a way to draw attention to a video, gain viewers and channel
subscribers, and eventually influence conversions.  

Given the popularity of video and YouTube, here are a
few suggestions of how to best take advantage of Promoted Videos.