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Q&A: Yummy Interactive’s Chris Hennebery on “frictionless e-commerce”

chris hennebery yummy interactiveYummy Interactive’s VP Software Distribution, Christopher Hennebery wants to make DRM as painless as possible in order to stop erecting unnecessary barriers to online conversion.

The company’s GameShield licensing protection product distributes games to portals and publisher sites and hopes to sell them to players who demo free trial versions. A lot stands between that trial and a conversion, much of it is something Henneberry dubs “bad DRM” and “false positives.”

False what?

He provides the examples of buying a CD that plays just fine at home, but won’t play in your car because DRM software “thinks” the digital assets have been pirated. “Sharing isn’t a bad thing,” he says, “so instead of trying to erect barriers to people who are sharing, use sharing to promote the product.”