Respondents taking part in the survey will receive a free, advance copy of the final research report in June, normally worth £450 ($695).

This year is the third consecutive year in which the survey is being run. The 2013 report was based on the responses of nearly 900 companies and agencies, making it one of the most authoritative reports in this area.

Last year’s results revealed that although companies realise they need to focus more on relationship and retention marketing, most are failing to do so.

The research showed that companies recognise the importance of retention marketing and building value for and from their customers as part of an on-going relationship.

Almost three-quarters of responding companies (70%) agreed with the statement that “it is cheaper to retain than acquire a customer”, and just under half (49%) agreed that “pound for pound, we achieve better ROI by investing in relationship over acquisition marketing”.

However, under a third (30%) of organisations said they were ‘very committed’ to relationship marketing, with 22% conducting no relationship marketing at all.

Does your company carry out relationship marketing?

This year’s survey includes questions about:

  • Use of channels and integration
  • Acquisition, retention and orchestrated marketing
  • Mobile and display advertising
  • Resourcing campaigns

We look forward to sharing the full results with those that participate. Please take the survey and help spread the word. The deadline for taking part is Thursday 1 May 2014.