The Econsultancy team is taking a break for Christmas, so we won’t be publishing anything new here for just over a week.

Normal service will resume on January 3rd, but until then, here are some of the year’s best posts, news and reviews.

Here are the top 25 posts we’ve written this year, according to page views. 

These are the top 25 guest posts of 2011, on the same page view basis. A big thank you to our bloggers.

We also posted some analysis this week on our most viral and socially shared posts (with Twitter taking the prize for most engaged platform).

Or there’s the 21 most horrific social media facepalms of 2011 to amuse you. 

And finally, the 40 must-read mobile posts from 2011

If you’re still looking for something to do, watch the video below from Fold7 about the creative agency’s ‘special’ relationship with Santa. A true representation of how it’s done (take note SapientNitro)

Happy holidays everyone!