Targeting and Measuring Digital Marketing Without Third-Party Cookies

2024 is expected to bring the full deprecation of third-party cookies, which presents marketers who rely on these with a key challenge around measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns and targeting users. According to Econsultancy’s Future of Marketing survey, only 8% of marketers say they are “fully prepared” for the demise of third-party cookies. ​

This 60-minute session will look at what companies can do to target and measure their digital marketing without third-party cookies and enhance their own data capabilities. It will cover:​

  • Preparing for a future without third-party cookies and exploring ways to measure and target customers.​
  • Building the right data foundation – optimising technology to work towards integration of data and a single view of the customer.​
  • Deriving value from data and insights – frameworks and tools to support interpreting and activating the data, including improving data literacy and data storytelling skills.​
  • The role AI and machine learning can play in predicting customer behaviour to support measurement and data-driven marketing.


Working Effectively with Data Teams

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Maximising the ROI of Digital Marketing

Maximising the ROI of Digital Marketing

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The Future of Marketing

Econsultancy’s annual Future of Marketing report brings together survey results from more than 800 marketing professionals, covering marketing priorities for the next two years and the key trends shaping the industry, from data and privacy to generative AI.