Internet news blog TechCrunch has announced it has bought InviteShare; an app that makes it possible for users to share invitations to private betas.

The idea behind the service, which only launched last month, is very simple - users register for the beta invites they want and share spare ones with others.

It claimed to have attracted 38,900 unique visitors and more than 1m page views in just 4 days.

According to Michael Arrington, TechCrunch had planned to launch a similar service, but was beaten to it by InviteShare.

Instead of launching its own version, it decided to buy the site as it had been put up for sale.

Perhaps InviteShare was unprepared for the levels of interest, as it has been a little unstable so far. Hopefully TechCrunch will sort out this problem, along with the awful black background which makes it very difficult to read the text.

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