I’ve just returned from holiday where I did my best to stay completely away from any technology other than my camera (for good reason), and am getting back into the swing of things nicely.

One of the pleasant not-so surprises on returning was the recent launch of a UK TechCrunch site which is focused on UK Web 2.0 and mobile startups.

I guess the writing was on the wall. Ever since Michael Arrington made is way to the UK, there were whispers that a UK version would appear sooner or later. Turns out it was both, depending on how starved you are for good UK Web 2.0 knowledge.

At the moment it’s not as busy as the US version, but then I guess that’s to be expected since there just isn’t that much relevant activity in the UK  I hope that will change…

Added to the UK blog, there is an events section where they’re advertising relevant upcoming events, so you’re likely to see pretty much most of the local events there if that’s your bag – definitely worth keeping tabs on.

I’m a bit confused about the Job Board link – at the moment it links directly to the CrunchBoard site, so it is not displaying UK-specific jobs, making me wonder how relevant that is to a UK audience (although it’s entirely possible that there aren’t really enough UK jobs advertised to make it worthwhile doing anything different)?

My only (really small) bugbear is that the site doesn’t yet have its URL’s looking nice and clean and fresh, so although a small detail it makes you wonder who’s eating what dogfood?

TechCrunch UK is edited by the venerable Sam Sethi so you’re likely to get some really good content from someone who’s been around the block a few times.  If you’re interested in the UK Web 2.0 scene at all, it’s definitely worth the occasional read.

Sam, who is also MD of Vecosys, will be speaking via a panel discussion at Econsultancy’s Finding The Right Digital Partner, taking place later this month. The event is aimed at client buyers who are looking to improve the selection of digital agencies, specialists and technology providers.