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The new age of audio: What does it mean for advertising?

This briefing explores the developments behind the “audio renaissance”. How new audio media like podcasting changed what listeners have come to expect from audio advertising and why these new ad formats are believed to be so effective. It also looks at the challenges around audio advertising and the solutions that are being created to try and address them.

AI copywriting: An overview

Copywriting is an often-overlooked but incredibly impactful art that, when done effectively, can have a hugely beneficial impact on ad click-throughs and campaign conversion rates.

Digital Shift Q3 2019: the martech landscape

Technology platforms are playing an increasingly scaled and central role in marketing capability.

In this chapter of the Digital Shift Q3 2019, we look at the latest research into how the martech landscape is evolving and how marketers can make smart decisions about technology integration.

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The Digital Outlook: What’s hot for marketers in 2019?

Introduction Welcome to the first Digital Outlook report published by Econsultancy. This hype-free report draws on expert opinion in industry, as well as our research, to pick out topics that marketers may not have engaged with in 2018, but perhaps should do in 2019. The topics discussed are mostly tactical, highlighting emerging technology and processes […]


"Globally, 39% of Generation Z say they go directly to social media for information on news and current affairs"

The Internet Statistics Database contains over 500 global charts and statistics related to the technology, media and telecoms sectors, for you to browse, save and export.

Webinar: Digital Advertising

This Econsultancy trends webinar looks at some of the key developments in digital advertising. With programmatic now fully implemented into most media strategies, it also explores some of the new practices and trends shaping the industry.

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Voice in 2020 is (still) not about search

Well, here we are. We’ve made it to 2020, the year that so many believed would be a milestone for voice search, because allegedly, 50% of all search queries by 2020 were going to be conducted via voice.

Benchmark your company's digital performance

See how your organisation’s digital performance measures up compared to others in the technology, media and telecoms sectors, with the Performance Benchmarks tool. You can search, save and export sector-specific metrics from sign-up rate to Twitter posts per day.

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