Technorati has released another update of its homepage, shifting the site’s emphasis back towards blogs, rather than videos, music and podcasts.

The page’s last redesign was just three months ago, focusing on what boss Dave Sifry called the Live Web and allowing users to search for video content, games, podcasts, music and photos.

The site has now reversed that move, and its new Technorati Topics feature now displays a real time blog post stream, which can can separated into verticals like entertainment, politics, sport etc.

The latest blog posts are updated frequently and displayed according to Technorati’s authority rankings and a number of other factors, which means that not all blogs will be displayed

The problem is, I can’t see why anyone would choose to go to Technorati to look for news or interesting blog posts, rather than using Google News, social news sites like Digg or Reddit, or just looking through a feed reader.

The new feature isn’t bad, it just fails to offer anything better than what is already out there on other news/blog sites.

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