Flip, Condé Nast’s upcoming social networking site for teen girls, is to follow in the footsteps of


 and allow its members to influence the ads they receive.

Media Week reports that users of the site, due to launch in early February, will be able to select which brands’ ads they will see, while also being offered the option to include ad-supported content in their pages.

“The primary ad-units on Flip are non-branded digital images that members can use however they’d like to populate their “Flip books”—which are sort of mini photo albums/diaries/digital scrapbooks that a given user creates within her profile.

“For example, retailer Nordstrom is supplying images of models wearing its apparel that girls can paste in their Flip books, which can only be identified as Nordstrom-wear if users click on them. Even riskier for advertisers: Girls can use a virtual doodling tool to write on their pages and say whatever they want about these brands.”

CondéNet, Condé Nast’s web division, has apparently signed five ‘premiere’ sponsors for the launch of Flip, and brands will no doubt be keen to see how its members react.

As Ashley wrote after Bebo’s announcement last year that it would allow self-service advertising, it will be interesting to watch whether end-users keep their preferences updated, which types of ads prove popular, and whether the system has any impact on their performance.