Less than a third of 11-20 year olds want to receive ads on their mobiles, according to a survey by Q Research.

The study, published in the report ‘Mobiles and Advertising’, suggests that targeting of ads is the key to success with this age group - 71% said they would be happy to receive messages tailored to their interests.

While only 32% of the 1,500 surveyed said they wanted to receive mobile ads, this number increased when they were given different options - 76% were willing to receive ads in return for discounts or special offers, while 82% would tolerate them in return for top-up credit.

Other findings of the report were:

  • 70% of the survey’s respondents said they would prefer picture ads to be delivered to their phones.
  • 53% expressed a preference for video ads, but concern about the cost of receiving such ads put off many others.
  • 45% preferred text ads.

According to Q Research executive chairman Dr Liz Johnson:

“The responses show us that 11-20 year olds have strong feelings about the way advertisers should communicate with them via mobile phone, and that these are impacted by the respondent’s gender, age, mobile phone network and ethnicity.”

A recent Forrester survey found that 79% of users are ‘annoyed’ by the prospect of receiving ads on their mobile phones, with text ads particularly disliked.

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