The Telegraph has added a new feature to its MyTelegraph section – an RSS reader that gives the paper’s online readers a chance to read other news sources without having to leave the site.


The newspaper recently launched MyTelegraph, which gives its readers the chance to set up and personalise their own blogs, and MyNews is the latest addition to this service.

But the newspaper has chosen the feeds for its readers, including news from the BBC, The Guardian and Reuters among others.

According to The Telegraph’s Shane Richmond:

“Purists will argue that this goes against the spirit of RSS, which is about choosing whatever you want.

“However, while the first half of MyTelegraph… was about bringing blogs to people who had never tried them before, the second half, personalisation, is about bringing news feeds to novices.”

Richmond also commented on the number of news sites that have either broken feeds or none at all.

The paper also plans to add a customisable category, allowing readers to select any feed they want to.  

This is another interesting move from the paper; after being the first in the UK to launch blogs for its readers, it is now the first to launch an RSS reader. It will be interesting to see how other newspapers react to these innovations.