There are plenty of tools around which allow website owners to conduct tests and attempt to identify problem areas on their websites.

I’ve listed ten of the best free usability testing tools, which are either completely free of charge, or allow users to try before they buy. If I’m missed any good ones, let me know… 


This app, reviewed for this blog by Paul Rouke, allows you to upload an image from your webpage and to find out which elements of the page stand out for users. Useful for testing the clarity of calls to action.


This free tool, currently in alpha, allows users to upload a screenshot, tag elements on the page you are looking for advice on, and find the usability score.


You can create a test via Usabilla’s website in a guided process that begins with you entering basic test information and creating pages and tasks for testers to complete, and enables you to invite participants to the test. There are various pricing levels, but you can test two pages with up to ten participants free of charge.

Concept Feedback

Not really user testing, but this site allows you to submit a design and receive free feedback from the Concept Feedback community.


After uploading a screenshot of the user interface they want to test, users can set tasks and invite others to participate. The results are presented with heatmaps to show where people clicked, and a report showing the average time taken to complete tasks.


This is a free online survey tool which integrates into any website and seeks to find out what visitors are at your website for, whether they were able to complete their tasks, and if not, why.


This site uses an algorithm to simulate users, and generates an eye tracking map to show which areas of the page attract the most attention. There is a free demo that allows you to test one image every few hours.

Considering colour blindness in UX design (with five examples) 


Billed as a guerilla usability testing tool app, Silverback allows to to set up and video user testing sessions. It is Mac only, and there is a 30 day free trial.


Adding the Userfly code to your site allows Userfly to record a screencast of your users’ behaviour, providing some very interesting feedback on how they are interacting with your site.


This OpenSource software provides a visual heatmap of clicks on a webpage, and since it sits on your web server, the results are from actual users of your website.

Just half of ecommerce companies do regular usability testing (but 60% planning conversational commerce)