Old Spice, having become the poster child for video-based social campaigns in 2010, has rolled out another iteration of the infamous ‘Old Spice Guy’.

This time however, the brand brings back actor and former NFL star Terry Crews, who appeared in seemingly unknown Old Spice ad in 2010 that ran at the same time as those starring Isiah Mustafa.

In this campaign, titled ‘Smell is Power’ from ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, Crews declares that Old Spice’s Red Zone body sprays will make you feel so powerful ‘It will blow your mind right in front of your face.” 

In the video, Crews head then splits open and his brain flies away, removing his ability to speak.

Josh Talge, Old Spice brand manager, told Mashable that the brand wanted to reward fans with an early glimpse of the new ads as so has posted them on its Facebook page.

Brands seem to think that previewing their new ad on Facebook is a good way to answers the desire of a Facebook community for value-added content. But does a sneak preview of an ad really do the trick? We’re not so sure.

Either way, here we see Old Spice continuing its experimentation with new approaches and rotating spokesmen, having worked initially with Mustafa in “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” as mentioned above and then switching again for a campaign in September featuring a sea captain.

Now though, other Procter & Gamble brands will be featured in the ads. In the coming weeks, ads for Charmin Freshmates and Bounce Dryer Bar will be interrupted by Crews, who will literally burst into view to make a pitch for Old Spice.

Have we had enough of the Old Spice ‘Guy’ concept, or is this a smart way to extend the life of something that put the brand name back on people’s lips?