It has the most extensive loyalty scheme and probably the biggest database in the UK. The company is not short of cash either, as it accounts for something like one in every seven pounds spent
in the UK.

So Tesco must have the clout to talk to their customers relevantly as individuals through email…surely?

I recently received an interesting email from Tesco. The big guns, who must be flooded with engagement, purchase and behavioural data. The thing is, this email really got me wondering if they know me at all. 

I’ll talk through the email and show you exactly what I mean:

The Banner/Key Message Area

Banner and Key Message area of the Tesco email

Tesco know that I am male so I’m not sure why they tried to get me in the mood for a girl’s night in with the latest chick flick, bottle of wine and some unhealthy snacks.

At least, if I’m not interested in that, I’m bound to be game for some World Cup action, right? Maybe they’ve forgotten who I am and taken a stab in the dark at a dual male/female promotion? Who knows?


Introduction text and offers in the Tesco email

The introduction is personalised (so they do definitely know I am male), and the text is really information rich, but fails to deep-link into the website. They are really missing the trick here. The DVD that they are really pushing isn’t even a text link.

So many opportunities to capture interest in specific products, but no links to them. What happens if I am interested in buying the DVD? Do I have to look for a link somewhere else in the email?


Offers in the Tesco email

The offers all seem like good deals, but when I click on the first section titled ‘Great Half Price Offers >‘ or the image below it, I’m take to a half price offers page with a page title called ‘Christmas‘. It’s definitely not Christmas.

When I click on the Ascot section, the landing page has in fact been changed to a Wimbledon promo page, which is understandable but still confusing. Surely it would have been better to start a fresh page on the site for Wimbledon? The rest of the sections take you to the category pages, such as the frozen food section.


Banner towards the end of the Tesco email

Lastly, the final message is a weight loss and dieting banner. At the beginning, I was being teased with crisps and a DVD. How does dieting relate to this, other than if you eat a lot of crisps and watch a lot of DVD’s you’ll soon need to think about dieting?

To conclude, I was left completely bemused as to what had happened to me. Tesco, I thought we were friends? You know what I buy and in that case, I’m pretty sure you know what I like. You definitely know I’m male because you send me emails addressed to ‘Mr’, and your staff still call me ‘Sir’. What’s happened to our relationship?