Tesco is the most popular online grocery site, and also the best, according to a survey of online grocery shoppers. 

Toluna’s survey on online supermarkets looks at consumers’ online grocery shopping habits and preferences. 

Some stats from the survey (and a useful infographic) after the jump…

35% of the 2,000 survey respondents do at least some of their grocery shopping online, although only 32% shop three times a month or more. The rest of the survey comes from the responses of the 695 respondents who shop online for groceries. 

How often do you do your grocery shopping online?  

online supermarket survey 2 small

How much do you spend on average each visit? 

online supermarket survey 3

The majority (66%) are spending more than £50 per visit, while almost 23% spent between £31 and £50. 

What is the most important factor when choosing a website for grocery shopping? 

online supermarket survey 4

Price (32%) and convenience (38%) are the two most important factor in choice of websites for grocery shopping. 7% said a usable website was a key factor. 

Which supermarket do you shop online with? 

online supermarket survey 5

63% of respondents shop online with Tesco, 30% with Sainsbury’s, and 28% Asda.

Which supermarket has the best website?  

online supermarket survey 6

This infographic contains all of the stats in the survey, along with some age and gender stats. Click here for a large version. 

supermarket online shopping survey 2