Tesco has today launched its first augmented reality programme that will allow customers to view 3D images of more than 40 products from the electronics and entertainment sections both instore or online.

Powered by augmented reality firm Kishino, people can use computer terminals now located in seven Tesco stores across the UK to scan a product code or Tesco Direct catalogue. 

Shown in the video below, this will then display a 3D image and product information on screen, potentially removing the necessity to store products on shelves.

Customers can choose to buy the product instore or have it delivered to their homes via Tesco Direct.

If a customer choses to install a browser plugin, they can do the same at home using any device with a two-way camera – such as a desktop computer or smartphone.

Tesco has said that it hopes the use of augmented reality on customers’ home desktops will reduce the number of returns, as people can get an idea of the size of the product before ordering online.

Tesco is pushing hard in terms of integrating technology into the shopping experience, using semantic tagging within its product searches online and trialling wifi in some of its stores.

Alongside successful forays into social media with Tesco Clothing and Tesco Books via We Are Social, the company bought US-based word-of-mouth company BzzAgent for a reported $60 million earlier this year to better connect social media with product marketing.