Hundreds of internet pros turned up for last night’s Lemon Studios Summer Party at The Havana Bar & Club in London, which was roaring good fun.

Many attendees will be in full-on recovery mode judging by some of the strategic quaffing we witnessed. The cocktails were especially dangerous, particularly those that were tipped into glasses the size of small baths.

Happiness = large cocktails

We’ve been hearing reports of partygoers dozing off on night buses and waking up in far-flung places such as Barnet, which is always a sign of a good evening.

Others were seen in the early hours trying to figure out how to find a hotel (that they’d not yet booked, nor identified). Admirable stuff.

Men in Havana

We hope those of you who made the effort had a good time and enjoyed it as much as we did. It is always good to put a few more faces to names, so for those of you who couldn’t make it we’ll hopefully see you next time around.

There is a Flickr photostream of the event that contains plenty of photographic evidence to suggest that many of you, like us, joined the Too Much Fun Club.

So, party people, when do you want us to organise the next one…?