Our thanks to all the party people who braved the freezing December weather to turn up to last night’s Christmas bash, hosted by Lemon Studios and E-consultancy.

Linus The Lush

Once again, certain partygoers lasted the whole eight-hour duration – until 2am – fuelled by heady combinations of Long Island Iced Teas, lagers, whisky and champagne. And whatever the hell Linus ‘Night Bus’ Gregoriadis was quaffing (above).

There were a number of other Christmas parties on last night, including one arranged by Microsoft, and another bash to do with the Webby’s, so some people came late and others left early (lured elsewhere by free drinks and, weirdly, Jamie Oliver) but overall the turnout was excellent, considering the competition and the cold.

Topical quote of the evening:
“Second Life! I’m gobsmacked. Is it for people who don’t have a First Life?”

The obligatory Flickr slideshow is here

It was great to hook up with some new internet folk, and of course chewing the fat with older friends from the industry. Hope to see you at the next one, scheduled for sometime in Spring…