With the iPhone 3G making its debut around the world, I thought it’d be interesting to look at the iPhone Apps that have achieved the greatest popularity so far.

According to Apple, on Saturday, August 23, the following apps represent the Top 10:

  1. iSudoku

    Description:The classic game of Sudoku now optimised for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
    Category: Games

  2. The Amazing Mind Reader

    Description:Your phone can read your mind!! Be amazed, really.
    Category: Games

  3. TripApple.com – Travel A Simple Way

    Description:TripApple.com provides you with the cheapest hotel deals on the internet.
    Category: Travel

  4. Jedi Star Name

    Description:Jedi name generator.
    Category: Entertainment

  5. Boring Day at the Office

    Description: Can you make it to 5 o’clock?
    Category: Games

  6. KingdomGame

    Description:A browser based game, pitting you against thousands of other players, online in a real time ongoing strategy game.
    Category: Games

  7. 3D Cube

    Description:Animated Multi-Textured Rotating & Scaling CSS 3D Cube.”
    Category: Games

  8. PackageTrackr

    Description:Track your UPS, USPS, FedEx/FedEx SmartPost, DHL/Airborne, DHL Global Mail, TNT, UK City Link and Aramex package with Google Maps
    Category: Utilities

  9. Reader

    Description:Your iPhone is now the most advanced full featured portable online/offline eBook reader. Now including a free public library.
    Category: Entertainment 

  10. iPuzzle – The Sliding Puzzle Game

    Description:A superb sliding puzzle game designed for the iPhone.”
    Category: Games

Given that the vast majority of these applications are for gaming/entertainment, this list makes it quite clear – the iPhone is still thus far primarily a consumer phone, despite the fact that some believed it would pose a significant competitive threat to RIM’s Blackberry, which is the smartphone of choice for corporations.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this and the implication for developers betting on the potential of iPhone Apps is that consumer-oriented apps, such as games, probably present the greatest opportunity at this time.

Will that ever change?

In my opinion, the iPhone’s enterprise features still lag behind those of RIM/Blackberry in terms of giving IT departments the type of power and flexibility they’ve become accustomed to, and the issues with iPhone reception probably mean that the iPhone will remain a consumer “device” for the time being.