This winning number of shares has been amassed with a little help from Budweiser’s broadcasting strategy: Budweiser generated the most TV coverage across the world.

According to Civolution, in the USA, ‘Puppy Love’ appeared on national television 75 times prior to the game and on local channels 1,200 times. That’s nearly four times the amount of the next most popular ad, Volkswagen’s ‘Wings’, which managed 318 local broadcasts.

Another key tactic was Budweiser’s early release of its advert. Many brands have begun offering sneak previews of their 2014 Super Bowl ads and the early hype generated certainly pays off. ‘Puppy Love’ was released on 29 January and had achieved 1.14 million online shares before the game had begun, making it the second most shared ad in Super Bowl history prior to kick-off.

But hey, you probably just came here to watch some massively budgeted, star-studded mini-works of commercial genius, so here you go, the top 10 most shared ads of Super Bowl 2014:

1. Budweiser: ‘Puppy Love’ – 1,381,575 shares

Let’s see how long this puppy love lasts once the Clydesdale has accidentally hoofed the puppy into the next field.

2. Budweiser: ‘A Heroes’ Welcome’ – 203,290

Budweiser also takes the second spot with this affecting tribute to US troops.

3. Paramount: ‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’ trailer – 143,908

The most successful film trailer this year was for the third sequel to Michael Bay’s Transformers. This one stars Donnie Wahlberg’s brother and some dinobots.

4. Jaguar: ‘British Villains’ – 125,896

There’s a missed opportunity for a cameo from Joe Pasquale here.

5. Axe: ‘Make Love, Not War’ – 138,862

The promotion of peace by a deodorant brand named after a brutal hand-to-hand combat weapon is an irony I’m sure isn’t lost on them.

6. Bud Light: ‘Ian Up For Whatever’ – 122,419

Don Cheadle! Llamas! Arnie! Twins! This one has it all.

7. Kia: ‘The Truth’ – 113,578

The Matrix was a popular sci-fi film from 1999. It had Laurence Fishburne in it. It was culturally significant 14 years ago. Just thought you might need reminding.

8. Volkswagen: ‘Wings’ – 105,416

Weird tribute to Wings of Desire or just plain weird? Maybe go back to Star Wars, VW.

9. Cheerios: ‘Gracie’ – 99,893

Cheerios: a nicer visual representation to use for ‘the talk’ than Lucky Charms.

10. Toyota: ‘Big Game Ad starring Terry Crews and The Muppets’ – 74,062

This is somewhat rescued by Kermit’s expert witheringness.

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