Out of home (OOH) creative is great fun. The most creative minds come up with some great ads for OOH and the internet is full of wonderful examples.

I thought I’d bring you some of the latest, many of which I’ve found via Posterscope’s Twitter feed, which I recommend highly.

Enjoy these in all their boldness. You’ve really no excuse for not creating great copy and great concepts when this is your competition.

Jamaica Tourist Board

The pictures say it all. This landed in New York.

Fish Tank Kings

This is a French TV programme, the second series of which was advertised with these aquarium bus shelters. Ubi Bene and JC Decaux worked on the campaign.


Saluting Mini drivers from a dynamic billboard.

Automotive is traditionally at the forefront of tech and advertising. Having cars sync with billboards is a great idea.

The messages often included the colour of the car, too.


The search bar says ‘Where is the London Eye?’ Google had plenty of these around London advertising their contextual search.


This is the most beautiful object I have seen.

British Airways

Another dynamic billboard, this time from BA.


Bringing a 3D build to a billboard. The timber, lagging etc is all real.


A wonderful example of charities using OOH.

East Coast Trains

Is it a train, is it a billboard? It’s both.

Air France

Experience the Parisian Metro on the Montreal Underground with Air France.