Here in my ‘expert’ opinion are the best Vines created by brands in 2013.

Although seeing as Vine has only existed for approximately 11 months, here are the best branded examples from the entire existence of the service. That sounds far more impressive.

What makes a good branded Vine? Well, I’m glad you asked… 

An advertiser only has six seconds (although I’ve just learnt that you actually get six and a half seconds, as this makes for a neater last few frames) in which to convey a message, so simplicity is key.

My general rule-of-thumb for any content produced by a brand is that it should either be entertaining, useful or engaging, and possibly even all three if you’re feeling particularly daring. However this is quite a task when it comes to the extremely diminutive Vine format.

The best branded Vines are funny, creative, innovative and have one simple message delivered clearly. They also tend not to go for the ‘hard-sell’ of traditional advertising, and treat the product or brand in a playful or cheeky manner.

Even at their most imaginative, Vines tend to be of a lower budget, and are created quickly, so branded Vines can be quite inspiring for the everyday, agile Viner on a budget.

These low-budget, creative and humorous twists on the brands we know, create a personal connection with the viewer and the best of them become endlessly sharable, and live on far longer than their initial upload.

So, bearing all of that pre-amble in mind. Here are the best branded Vines of 2013:


The grandmasters of clever and creative Vining had too many gems to choose from, but this just peeked over the top with it’s brilliant use of the ‘infinite loop’.

Disney Parks

To promote its Vine only competition ‘Vine your Disney side’ here’s a cracking piece of animation from yelldesign.


Here are all the World Cup balls from 1970 to 2014. Obviously prior to this, footballers just kicked around an unbranded pig’s bladder.


Bored over summer? Just tap the Vine and it randomly chooses an activity for you.

Internet Explorer

Comparing HTML5 to drugs or pornography? Sure, why not.


Tide created a whole slew of spooky horror movie homages for Halloween. This Carrie remake being my particular favourite.


Everybody loves a science lesson. GE packed loads into 2013 and made me forget all about losing my eyebrows in a classroom accident in 1992.


Intel’s series of life hacks have become the office worker’s best friend.

Angry Birds

Winning nearly on sound effects alone, this Vine from Roxio demonstrates how the new ‘portal’ feature works in the popular mobile game, and sneaks in a toy advert through the backdoor.


The USA home improvement retailer are helping me to become a better man. That man being of course MacGyver.

USA Today

Happy Pi Day! Wait, was that a thing this year?


It’s hard to choose between all the various brilliant Vines from Oreo, particularly from its series called #OreoSnackHacks, but this Halloween homage to The Shining wins in my opinion.

Read more about how Oreo owns social media here.


Working on meta-textual levels that make my brain hurt, here’s a jar of Marmite deciding what he/she/it loves the most.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts claimed a world first by premiering a Vine produced advert on television during an ESPN football programme in September.


This is really clever. I just wish it had made use of the infinite loop and had the first captured Vine repeated at the end.

Sesame Street

Finally for 2013, as a little bonus to tie in with the current release of The Hobbit sequel, here’s Ian McKellen and a muppet Gandalf teaching us all about the power of manners. 

See you at the end of January for a roundup of the best new year’s branded Vines.