HailCorporate is the place to spot viral campaigns, faked videos, and cunning marketing campaign seeded as ‘real’ content. If you’re in the seeding game then you need to know what does and doesn’t work…

Advertisements are everywhere, even if you are not aware of them. This reddit is based on the principle that popular culture has permeated so far into our own lives that we ourselves are acting unknowing as shills for a multitude of things. Just because no one got paid to make a post doesn’t make it any less of an advertisement if, it acts just the same as an advertisement. This is simply a place to document things that act as ads.


“Creative and innovative ads from around the world.”

Need some creative inspiration? The world’s most weird and most wonderful ads live here.

Some examples…

Miele Slovakia 

A very clever, very cheap fake




The simplest idea is often the best idea…


“Share your successes, failures and insights.”

There is a lot of great advice about all kinds of subjects in here, and is useful whether you’re involved in a startup or not.

A few recent threads:

Brainstorming in public

How to put a small business on the map (cross-post via /r/pics)

Price experimentation FTW


If you’re ever stuck for something to look at during your lunch break then this is a very useful bookmark.


A wondrous collection of facts, figures and stories presented in a variety of different ways.

Useful both for the content, and also to broaden your understanding of how visualisations work, and what best practice looks like, in terms of design.

You might also like to check out my 24 examples of stunning dashboard design if you’re partial to this kind of eye candy.


“I am a X and I do Y. Ask me anything.”

Bill Gates has done one. Snoop has done one. Arnold has done one. Even Obama has done one.

The ‘AMA’ format is a straightforward Q&A, with the reddit community asking the questions. It is excellent, and some of the answers are really insightful (others are very, very amusing).

An advertising copywriter

The guy who sold his startup

Reddit’s co-founder

Bonus: Bill Murray showed up last month


Here be dragons.

One of my favourites. Car crash design failures of all shapes and sizes. Includes a bunch of lousy websites, as well as sketchy door handles and a hodgepodge of advertising disasters.


The tech subreddit covers everything from to Google Chrome extensions to Graphene. Mainly links to news, with lots of analysis and fast insight in the comments.


One of the more active subreddits for web pros. Lots of how-to advice, inspiration, tools, and comment about what works and what doesn’t.


This one is not particularly busy, but use the search tool to mine the gold.


Contains plenty of tips and tricks, while clamping down on the shadier side of digital marketing.

Welcome to Web Marketing for Non-Douche Canoes. This subreddit hosts discussions and links to articles about web marketing, including email marketing, online PR, social media, SEO and so forth. This subreddit also encourages ethical, non-douchey marketing strategies. Please take your black-hat SEO, email spam strategies and dummy accounts to other sub-reddits. They’re not welcome here.


Another relatively quiet one, but plenty of links to helpful articles and useful tools.

Some others worth checking out…



Design Porn

Email Marketing



Digital Marketing

Today I Learned



Can you recommend any others? Please leave a comment below…