As blogs have gained in prominence as sources of news and information, the value of the most popular blogs has become a subject of much talk.

Some blogs, such as The Huffington Post, have been funded to the tune of millions of dollars by investors who believe that they’re the next big media companies.

But what are these blogs really worth? Since most blogs are privately-held, obtaining the data on which reasonable valuations can be performed is difficult to do.

That, of course, doesn’t stop people from trying. Last year, Douglas A. McIntyre of 247 Wall Street, gave it a go and created a list of the 25 most valuable blogs based, of course, on his best guesses at valuation.

This year, he’s at it again and has released his list for 2009:

  1. Gawker Properties
  2. Huffington Post
  3. The Drudge Report
  4. Perez Hilton
  5. Sugar, Inc.
  6. TechCrunch
  7. MacRumors
  8. SeekingAlpha
  9. GigaOm
  10. Politico
  11. SmashingMagazine
  12. SearchEngineLand
  13. Boing Boing
  14. ReadWriteWeb
  15. SB Nation
  16. Destructoid
  17. Mashable
  18. Alley Insider
  19. /film (slashfilm)
  20. The Superficial Network (AntiClown Media)
  21. Neatorama
  22. Daily Kos
  23. Talking Points Memo
  24. VentureBeat

To view the valuations McIntyre assigned to each blog, along with an explanation of the estimates behind them, be sure to check out McIntyre’s full post. It makes for an interesting read.

Is Gawker really pulling in $15 CPM per page on average (inclusive of all ads on the page)? Is the Huffington Post really worth $90m?

While there are some great blogs on this list, I think McIntyre might be a little bit too generous with his estimates in this environment. What do you think?