90% of Chinese searchers go beyond page one

OMD China’s recent Deep Dive into Search looks at the behaviours of 150 Chinese across all their devices for a fortnight, totalling 13,355 searches.

My favourite finding was that on average the searches went through 2.49 results pages per search, split up as follows:

  • 10% of the searchers looked at page one only.
  • 47% looked at two pages of search results.
  • and 16% looked at all pages (though I’m not sure how feasible this is)

The participants averaged five searches per day and many used more than one platform. Twelve percent even searched on another platform after they had found the information they were looking for.

70% of Australians have greater trust in brands with transparent and clear privacy notices

The Deloitte Australian Privacy Index contains some fascinating insights into the motivations off 1,000 Australian consumers, who were asked about how they understood the nature of their personal information exchange with brands in return for goods and services.

69% of respondents believe that trust in, and the reputation of the brand is most important factor when making a decision about sharing personal information, with the benefits received (18%), such as discounts, coming in distant second.

reasons to share data

Brands are more likely to lose consumer trust and damage their reputation if customer data is used for:

  • direct sales (68% of respondents said this),
  • inappropriate marketing (58%)
  • and cross-selling of personal information (54%).

Forty one percent are comfortable with a brand sharing their data with a third party, as long as they trust the first-party brand in question and there’s a benefit to sharing.

Sevnty six percent of respondents indicated they would be more likely to trust a brand after a data security breach if there was timely notification of the breach.

There has been a shift in sector ranking over the year, with top 10 trusted sectors as follows:

  1. Information Technology
  2. Finance
  3. Government
  4. Telecommunications and Media 5. Travel and Transport
  5. Retail
  6. Real Estate
  7. Health and Fitness
  8. Education and Employment
  9. Energy and Utilities

Consumers also highlighted that clear privacy notices build trust. Seventy percent agreed with that statement.

clear privacy notices

Online retailers in Southeast Asia highlight improved delivery as most significant trend

Econsultancy’s State of Ecommerce in Southeast Asia and Taiwan report in association with Shopee explores the current position of online sales in the region to identify trends and draw attention to challenges and opportunities.

14,000 Marketers and retailers were surveyed in the region. When asked what single trend will be most significant to their businesses, marketers most often highlighted mobile payments (36%) and online retailers highlighed improved delivery services (also 36%).

The report states that “although the desire to see better fulfilment services rolled out is evident across the region, it is most clearly seen among both retailers and marketers in the Philippines. Half of its marketers (50%), and more than half of its retailers (56%), are prioritizing improved delivery services as the most significant development they are hoping to see in the next few years.”

trends in ecommerce

The automobile search journey

Back to OMD China’s Deep Dive search study now, which also included a quantitative survey of 750 category users in automobile, travel and skincare.

The following infographic shows the typical search journey involved in buying an automobile. As expected, Baidu features heavily…

(Click to enlarge)

automobile search

28% of Vietnamese has exprienced online fraud compared to just 6% of Japanese

This stats comes from Experian’s Digital Consumer Insights study of consumers across 10 APAC markets – Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The chart below shows penetration of digital services compares with incidence of online fraud across each region.

online fraud in apac

Starbucks to double stores in China

The coffee shop with more mobile payment users than Apple Pay is to double outlets to 6,000 in China by 2022. The brand’s ambition in the region is to expand at a rate of a new store every 15 hours.

More from Inside Retail.


B2B marketers prefer video

Video is the preferred format for B2B marketers in Asia Pacific markets, according to research by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and reported by Warc.

Kate Mallord, APAC content marketing manager, discussed a recent survey of 1,400 marketers, with APAC respondents citing brand awareness as the main reason for using video (74%).