I just wanna make love to the ni-higghhhht! 

You may wonder why I’ve opened this week’s round-up in such a shrill fashion.

Have I been possessed by the gruesome spirit of the Ban-shee? Or is it because I noticed at least five people auto-tweet absolutely everything we post and I want to slowly turn them into Judas Priest? 

Anyway, salutations weary marketers (and affiliated knackered ecommerce experts). It’s the end of another week, but more importantly, the first paycheck in six weeks arrives today.

Unless you’re in the USA, in which case you probably get paid every two weeks.

Or you run a start-up where you just take it out of petty cash and then do some creative accounting.

Look, the point is we’re going bowling tonight, but until that fateful hour, here’s all the best stuff we saw online this week. Enjoy! 

Raise your beakers gentlemen

As mentioned 108 letters ago, Friday is the official end of my dry-ish January, but while I may have been off the booze, the rest of the team haven’t been quite so strict.

Which may explain how Christopher Ratcliff found these charming Amazon reviews for a…erm “Fresh, bright, smoky, beverage with with a mineral edge and rounded, fruity nose”:



I’m sticking this in purely for my own enjoyment.  Aimed squarely at the 30-something manchild who remembers not being old enough to rent ‘Vindicator’ on VHS.  

If Turbo Kid doesn’t sweep the board at Sundance then I don’t really want to live in this (admittedly non-apocalyptic) world anymore: 

Howdy G, let’s have a rootin’ shizzlin’ time! 

I’ve been trying to write the intro to this gem in hip-hop/country language. So far I’ve got the phrase “Yee-Haw Jeezy”.

I’m not paid by the word you know. 

Jim Rockford’s got your number, Facebook

Privacy concerns are everywhere these days. Wherever you go, whatever you do, someone, somewhere is tracking you.

If only we’d listened to the world’s greatest detective. No, not Nash Bridges silly – I’m talking about the mighty Jim Rockford, taking a stand against 1970’s data collection.

It’s a good job too. Who’d want evil companies mailing them paisley flared trousers and bry-nylon Nehru jackets? 


Earth is cool!

Need some inspiration in your life?

Chuck out that lolcat you’ve got taped to your monitor and swap for these excellently stupid posters by the very talented DFLEISHERCAMP:


When we go on a date, it won’t be me

Valentine’s day is coming, and what says romance like smashing your head into a mirror, again and again and again, forever? 

Exactly, which explains why the ever-talented Emma Munger has transformed the handsome gents of Twin Peaks into these amazing cards.

Get one for the person from another place in your life:


Spot of light DIY soundsytem

Econsultancy’s crack editorial team cannot be bought at any price.

Well, almost any price.

Well possibly for donuts.

The point is that Christopher Ratcliff working here has nothing to do with us sharing this rather marvellous review of James Murphy’s post-LCD Soundsystem career from his other website. 


R̶u̶n̶ Walk around behind The Jewels

So Apparently Run The Jewels are a musical thing that people are into.

I don’t know, I’m pushing 40, I’m only allowed to listen to Brahms and Hip-Hop Country.

Anyway, they recently played in London, and dear old Auntie Beeb took time to follow them around, producing this rather lovely ‘follow some people around’ website to go with it.

Headphones on and enjoy…


Just don’t order a cappuccino

I have no idea where this picture came from, only that I had bookmarked it. I’m dreadfully sorry.


Taking the ‘Passive’ out of ‘Passive Aggressive’

Hate someone in your office and want them to pay?

Why not open one of these delightful sites, lock your computer and go home early?  


BATS! Giant, Immature bats!

Fanged, leathery-winged creatures of nightmare, guaranteed to strike terror into the hearts of man.

Mind you, that all-fruit diet isn’t making them any friends either.


I know we’re supposed to be in an austerity economy, but this might be taking it a bit far

Just one month until my exhibition opens

I’ve been testing out my photography skills recently. So far this picture of my cat Suzi Q Cumber, is my finest work.

Prints available on request. 


Right that’s it for this week, I’m packing up the internet and taking it on a cruise, so remember to send all your emails via the Cayman Islands for the next 16 days. 

See ya!