Get fresh, it’s nearly the weekend!

To be honest, the last time I tried to ‘get fresh’ the lemon slice got stuck and I dropped the sponge, but that won’t stop me from trying to unearth the sharpest, most refreshing and most ‘good on a pancake with a bit of sugar-ey’ things on the internet every week.

Careful you don’t squirt any of them in your eye though. 

My mom always asks me why I can’t be more like you

Hey you! Yeah, you!

Boy oh boy, you’re a sight for sore eyes! You look great, I mean really, really great. Is that a new hairdo?

Hey, don’t take my word for it though, just head on over to the compliment machine whenever you need a pick me up. Go on, you earned it

Do you want your friends to know that you wear a bra on your head?

Ah the 80s. They were, y’know, vaguely amusing weren’t they?

What with body warmers and… erm… Rock Lords and things.

Well most of them were, and while tight bubble-perms for men may not be making a comeback, Shortlist has put together a very stylish list of movies that you can plunder wardrobe ideas from.

Try to avoid the moonboots though.

Full of plasticky goodness

Speaking of the 80s, remember when those Sunny Delight ads first burst onto our screens?

What supportive suburban parent didn’t want to do the best for their child by replacing their regular shot of orange juice with something that tasted like melted shoes?

Sunny D wasn’t the only brand trying to muscle in on the ‘Chemical drinks for kids’ market though, as this long-forgotten commercial shows. 

Block rockin’ beats

Econsultancy’s content team like to think we’re pretty musical people (Well… David Moth owns a Taylor Swift calendar and I once played a song called ‘nuclear vortex’ in front of nine people at a farm festival in Beaminster) so we’re seriously considering ditching the lego minifigs and Hula-Hoops that currently litter our desks and replacing them with BeatBlocks.

Get some now and party up your workspace: 

Anyone for Tennis?

I’m permanently banned from playing sports professionally after the national guard were called out to my charity KISS mini-golf tournament last year, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the athletic arts.

As does French photographer Jean Yves Lemoigne, who’s put together these stunning slow-mo images of professional tennis players:

Check out the full ‘set’ (That’s a tennis joke I just made up. It’s amazing I’m not on TV with this material).

Wow. They were on Earth the whole time.

Who doesn’t love an invasion of bug-eyed monsters?

While there’s plenty of usual suspects at the top of Rolling Stone’s ’50 best sci-fi films from the 70s‘ list, it’s well worth taking time to read the arse-end, where such… uh… ‘overlooked gems’ like “Laser Blast” (teen finds raygun, becomes a bit of a dick) make you realise that maybe Battlefield Earth wasn’t quite so bad after all: 

As if Facebook wasn’t creepy enough yeah? 

Here’s a lovely little film from Argentina demonstrating why you probably shouldn’t accept friend requests from strangers.

Particularly at midnight, during a full-moon.

And a power cut.

In a graveyard that’s owned by Dracula. 

Possibly NSFW for super-spookiness. 

This one’s called ‘lick my love pump’

Speaking of Spooooooky, genius auteur (when he’s not making dreck like Ghosts of Mars) John Carpenter has an album out, and it’s amazingly brilliant.

Throbbing synths, buzzing guitars and thumping bass combine to create a horror movie soundtrack that you could actually get down to.

Regular internet round-up wrangler Christopher Ratcliff has a far superior review here, but in the meantime, headphones on for Vortex:

Gary sure is dreamy

You may well have seen those ‘worst album covers ever’ collections online, but didn’t you ever wonder what kind of amazing tunes would actually appear on an album that features a man blowing a tuba up someone’s bottom?

Yeah, me either, but what is the internet for if not providing you with stuff you really, really don’t need to know about? 

I just KHAAAAAANED to say, I love you 

Valentine’s day is still coming. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you sneaking heart-shaped boxes of chocolates into the office and hiding them in your drawer, you cheeky minx you.

Anyway, what better way to celebrate your unrequited love than with a picture of Ricardo Montalban wearing a prosthetic chest?

Head over to P.J McQuade’s website for more awesomely geeky valentines cards for the Lando-lover in your life 

Right, that’s your lot for this week. Me and the internet are spending the weekend at an Arctic research base.

Well, I think we still are. For some reason they broke radio contact a few days ago and we haven’t been able to confirm our booking… I’m sure it’ll all be fine! 

Seeee yah!