When it comes to their biggest challenge, respondents cite a lack of vision and strategy. Let’s have a look at some other data from the survey report…

12% of Indian marketers rate their CX maturity as ‘very advanced’

12% of company respondents saw their customer experience (CX) maturity as very advanced. 48% answered ‘not very advanced’.

These are more positive findings than Econsultancy’s CX maturity survey in Australia and New Zealand, where the figures were 3% and 53% respectively.

Though the question calls for a subjective response and could perhaps be a reflection of the self-confidence of India’s marketers, 12% seems a healthy proportion of ‘very advanced’ customer experience strategies.

cx maturity in india

Collaboration and data are the keys to great CX

‘Optimising internal collaboration’ between teams and ‘using data to understand customer behaviours and marketing measures’ are identified as the two most important factors in delivering great customer experiences over the coming year.

75% and 67% of company respondents stated that these respective factors were ‘very important’.

These traits of internal collaboration and data-informed design are synonymous with customer-led businesses.

cx challenges

A variety of challenges include complexity, org structure and lack of vision

Respondents were asked to select the three greatest barriers to improving the customer experience. As the chart below shows, responses were varied.

It’s clear that agency respondents see a lack of overall strategy or vision as the chief barrier (44%), with company respondents placing this second on the list (25%).

Company respondents see the complexity of the customer experience as the biggest barrier to improvement (28%).

cx challenges

Focus and marketing ops needed?

The three charts presented here could be seen to tie in neatly with some of the trends noted by Ashley Friedlein in his 2017 digital marketing trends essay.

Both collaboration (seen as key to great CX by Indian marketers) and strategy (identified as lacking) are key principles of marketing ops, which allows marketing to react quickly to changes in business strategy and customer behaviour.

Furthermore, the complexity of the customer experience (identified as the biggest barrier to improvement) means marketers must this year focus very sharply on the channels they want to improve, rather than adding to the confusion with nascent and poorly optimised technologies.

However, it’s clear that CX is being prioritised by Indian marketers, with 12% already feeling they have it licked.

Download the report to see the rest of the data, including the methods that Indian marketers are using to improve the customer experience.