Google logoAfter a year’s worth of tweaking, Google is rolling out a new interface
for its AdSense contextual advertising platform. The goal? To help
publishers “make more money,” according to the Inside AdSense blog.
The company says over two million publishers currently use
AdSense, and the changes come as a result of listening to lots of

Makes sense, but the fact there are multiple contextual
and in-text ad networks to use, as well as targeted networks such as Glam and Complex Media that publishers can join, was likely just as much a
factor in the revamp.

Changes include:

  • More data: Better options for segmenting ad performance data, as well as easy to read graphs of view impressions, clicks, and earnings
  • More control: Gives publishers even better ways to prevent poorly-targeted ads (and brands) from appearing on their sites
  • More efficiency: Google streamlined the interface, making it easier for publishers to learn to use the platform, as well as see stats (earnings and payments, especially) at a glance

    The company plans to roll it out to “all publishers globally” over the next few weeks. Here’s a sample of some early feedback from Twitter and the AdSense forums:


    Via user @Garth_Obrien: @adsense Bravo on the new #AdSense UI. I also love the expanded reporting. Huge upgrade.

    Via user @normanzander: New Layout at #google #adsense. Not sure if I like it.

    Via user @nberardi: The new @AdSense V3 is amazing, I love the quick responsiveness and the new analytics like graph, great job guys

    Via user @bankerrahul: new @adsense interface . . . first impression : Bulky and not so clean as the previous one 🙁 #fail

    Via user @michaelrpiper: Why doesn’t the new @AdSense interface have built-in ability to split test ad formats? Why necessitate using GWO also?

    Via user @tyleroakley: @Google LOVING the new @AdSense interface – but still having issues with @YouTube processing videos. Any updates on that?

    AdSense forum:

    As of 9pm EST on 11/10, there were less than two-dozen responses, but most of the feedback in the forum seemed positive. The consistent criticisms were that the new interface required “more clicks” than the older one – which is the opposite of the “streamlining” Google intended.

    There was also some concern about the inability to see how individual sites or channels were performing in the new interface. Publishers seemed to be requesting that the top performing channels be visible from the onset, not after they’ve clicked through multiple windows.


    So far, most publishers appear to be happy with the upgrade. If you’re using AdSense, have you received the new interface? If so, what do you think?