With the deadline for compliance with the EU e-Privacy Directive just two days away, we’ve rounded up some of the key stats in an infographic. 

This embeddable infographic looks at marketers’ and consumers’ views of the EU cookie law, and our five-step plan for compliance. 

This is a topic we’ve covered in detail, so I’ve also rounded up some of our recent articles and other resources on the EU cookie law. 

EU Cookie Law: The conundrum in numbers [Infographic]

(Just to clarify, only the 69% of respondents that knew what a cookie was were asked if they regularly manage cookies using browser settings. You can download the full survey for more details).

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EU Cookie Law: The conundrum in numbers [Infographic]

Experts’ views on the Directive

Interviews and expert opinion on the e-Privacy Directive, some in favour, some very much opposed to the law. 

Is it possible to comply with the cookie law without harming your business?

Ask the experts: ‘Will you be complying with the EU cookie law?’

Q&A: Foolproof’s Meriel Lenfestey on the EU cookie law

Q&A: LBI’s Manley on preparing for the EU cookie directive

EU e-Privacy Directive: don’t call it a cookie law

How will the EU cookie law affect mobile marketing?

Econsultancy’s take on the cookie law

Two posts by Econsultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein which analyse the ICO guidance document and explain the approach we’ve taken…

Cookie compliance: Econsultancy analyses the latest ICO guidance

Econsultancy’s solution to EU e-Privacy Directive compliance

EU cookie law stats

Our own surveys of marketers and consumers, as well as third party stats…

82% of digital marketers think the EU cookie law is bad for the web

Just 23% of web users would say yes to cookies

34% of retailers plan to use compulsory pop-ups for cookie opt-in

ICO follows ICO’s rules, cookie usage drops by 90%

89% of UK consumers think the EU cookie law is a positive step, but is it?

Only 24% of online consumers are aware of EU cookie law

The ICO view

We interviewed the ICO to allow them to explain their approach to enforcement of the directive.

Q&A: The ICO’s Dave Evans on EU cookie law compliance

EU cookie law: ICO to contact 50 UK websites about compliance

Compliance methods

Some examples of sites which have set their consent methods loose. 

EU cookie law: three approaches to compliance

The Mirror’s response to EU cookie law compliance