According to Zendesk’s new infographic, 62% of customers are looking for more support through social media. Compare that to research by MarketTools at the end of 2011 which shows only 23% of US companies provide customer service via Facebook and 12% provide support via Twitter.

This highlights the continued divide between what customers are expecting and companies are giving.

Brand reputation and promotions still tops the list of how brands are using social media. The good news is once companies begin to engage in this arena, the more they find the importance in engaging in social channels.

The stats compiled by Zendesk aren’t surprising on their own. It’s only when you compare them to what brands are actually doing, there seems to be a discrepancy. If you are working with a brand that just doesn’t get it, this infographic may be a key tool to showing what needs to happen to satisfy its customers.

23% of our time is spent online so it’s imperative brands be there.