One of our big annual events is taking place in less than three weeks. It’s called The Future of Digital Marketing and promises to be a thought-provoking day out.

In advance of the event we thought it would be good to ask some of our tuned-in Twitter followers for their insight. The response was great, with more than 50 people chiming in with suggestions, from Arabic bazaars to eyeball scanning to the colour puce.

So here’s what Team Twitter thinks is in store for the coming months and years…

  1. conversion_guru: More innovation, more platforms to engage customers on, more interaction, greater understanding of customers
  2. nicoroddz:  The future of digital marketing is Semantical web real time search results combined.
  3. tictocfamily:  The future of digital marketing is big, diverse and expanding. Getting more competitive. Mostly profitable.
  4. kramchandani:  F of DM = unknown as it is a constant surprise: rules & lessons change by the day so something can be out of date v. quickly
  5. tonygbarker:  …mainstream not niche; engaging; combination of insight, experience, technology, data & media
  6. tswlondon:  It’s similar to Minority Report. All marketing will be digital. And eyeballs will be scanned.
  7. gregpower:  is it an event you’ll be giving me a free ticket to, as a reward for the worst possible answer?
  8. tomhackett:  Increased personalisation, & more relevant targeting.Users will have more say on what they consume – big emphsis on engagement
  9. knotice:  the future of digital marketing will see the unification of the vital direct digital marketing channels of web, email, mobile
  10. ereuben:  The same as the past: talk to your to your customers, listen and remember the economics of supply and demand.
  11. hanspark:  Marketing for masses will fade. Marketing as we know it will shift from trad. marketers to interest groups, p2p, individuals.
  12. somatica:  the future of digital marketing is that both of these terms will cease to exist. We’ll be talking Interaction and Engagement. 
  13. benpopps:  Similar to future of ecommerce. Progression to mobile => more targeted. Rich media => deliver experience. Social links => viral. 
  14. mattelfer:  Termintor style future where SkyNet is replaced with GoogleNet
  15. jonathanlevitt:  Ubiquitous Access, 360 holistic integrated marketing.
  16. rapella:  Ominous, if scribes and designers do not catch up with ‘digital’. Write too much copy – design so predictably.’
  17. eprussakov:  Digital marketing will keep on biting more pieces off the traditional marketing pie yielding significantly higher ROI.
  18. kevinbeynon:  Future of Digital Marketing: Lobbying users to market for you, via services and feeds. Use of proxies, ie. Stephen Fry tweets
  19. PaulDJohnston:  social, open, followership, community nurturing, still need great design, but digital must now be social
  20. RoyMorejon:  social commerce to one-on-one relationships.
  21. infomobster:  for FMCGs, cross -platform, using mobile as bridge to consumer brand engagement and web 2.0
  22. KSchnepp:  Conversation.
  23. ravenscroft:  what’s the future of trad marketing and marketers is the question. Too many silos- who is your audience, where do they play?
  24. johnpvdixon:  Move away from the browser to mobile, more consolidation, more targeted. A more specialist space will mean more outsourcing
  25. simonsanders: : build brand fans! Be multi-platform, be visible, be findable, be active, be accessible, be discussed,, be bought, be yourself
  26. robwatts:  one full of options and opps for the fleet of foot & tech/media/pr savvy – network ubiquity FTW!
  27. LimelightPR: Digital Marketing’s future is vast-from online PR, to user generated content& interactive tools such as Augmented Reality.
  28. stonemole:  For “digital” to disappear from the name and for it to become “marketing”. Same goes for ATL & BTL. Rounded marketers needed!
  29. BranislavPeric:  The use of “digital marketing” will disappear as soon as marketing will be done by digital natives. My 2 cents = no future.
  30. nigellegg: : more innovative uses of social media, promotions through twitter – innovation so can’t say what yet!
  31. davefenech:  It all still boils down to good solid Marketing!
  32. GuavaMarkeD:  Mobile Ads that are hyper local, hyper targeted, one click away from buying and filling in credentials via MyFaceBoogleID
  33. 10Yetis:  Future of DM = Finding the best way to blend UGC/Community Activity with marketing goals without risking brand reputation
  34. rishil:  Digital needs to stop looking at each channel in isolation. Cross channel analytics is the future of successful strategy.
  35. ZenLenton:  Increasingly targeted and personalised comms and experiences
  36. marckeating:  Within B2B social media marketing will change the way we target, engage and build a dialogue with decision makers.
  37. cityferret:  Digital agencies will become the lead agencies integrating traditional channels such as TV, Press, Outdoor & Radio (and PR)
  38. gifernando:  relevance rather than big ideas or creative. Gap will widen as accountability is important.
  39. marcosnobre:  less advertising, more engagement environments to nurture trusted evangelists and provide tools. they’ll spread the message.
  40. r_c:  engagement, real-time marketing, return on investment, integration reduce cost of customer acquistion
  41. kungfudigital:  The future is improved web usability, multichannel SEO & Social campaigns to increase brand visibility + increasing PPC spend
  42. JonnyStark:  For digital marketing to have a future, needs to understand genuine two way relationship development. It claims to. Doesn’t.
  43. irecevic:  niche marketing with full flavor of arabic bazaar negotiations
  44. mattycurry:  Clever Retention, at least for now. Statisticians on retainer, behavioural modelling, that sort of thing. Certainly not mobile
  45. valleykommando:  frequent, real-time, informal, by the people, for the people, text is more, debate/conversation-led
  46. richardsedley:  Future of digital marketing: Intimate and packed with multiple light-touches
  47. rconyard:  greater convergence, more lifestyle integration and building campaigns that matter rather than sitting in triviality
  48. mixd:  The future’s bright, the future’s puce.
  49. rebeccacaroe:  the future of digital marketing is customer engagement at an individual level directed by the customer
  50. fredchannel:  Traditional marketing channels like TV, radio and newspapers will be fully integrated and syncronized with the online world.
  51. mjgreenlees:  All indications are the future is bright. More people interacting online, talking about products / services / events. 
  52. simonharrow:  digital marketing & offline marketing will disappear & the term integrated marketing will emerge & people will mean it!
  53. RobBoella:  understanding, conversation, integration.
  54. untitled_1:  semantic marketing ie relevance squared
  55. thelostagency:  would have to say clients want automation/automated solutions

Any standouts? What do you think?

[Image by benleto via Flickr, various rights reserved]