The Guardian continued the redesign of its site this week, unveiling a new look to the navigation as well as dropping the ‘unlimited‘ from its name.

guardian homepage

The newspaper is currently in the middle of an ongoing redesign process, which started with a new look for the homepage in May last year.

The Observer, as well as the news and politics sections have all been updated, though the rest of the site retains the old look:

Guardian sport

The new navigation looks good, and is an improvement on the previous version, though it has yet to link up properly with the rest of the site. Until this is done, the site is a bit of a hotchpotch of different styles.

For example, click on blogs from the homepage, the navigation changes and the old Guardian Unlimited logo is still there:  

Guardian blogs

Emily Bell has explained some of the changes, including the lack of a direct link to the football section (and others) from the homepage, which was picked up by a lot of people.

This was something I found useful as it makes sense to link directly to the most popular parts of the site. Emily points out that it can be accessed from a drop down menu, but this is not very user friendly:

Guardian drop down

As well as the navigation, keywords and further reading next to articles has been changed to improve relevance:

Related information

Another interesting feature is the total lack of any ads on the homepage, which makes for a much cleaner look, though this may just be down to the redesign.

Football link issues aside, the redesign is coming along nicely, and the site will be much improved once the revamp has been completed and the navigation is consistent throughout.

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