More than half of consumers would stop shopping with an online retailer if they were offered products they had already said they did not want, according to data from Experian.

The survey of 2,057 UK consumers also found that 45% of respondents would shop elsewhere if they were contacted in a way they had already flagged as unwanted.

Experian says that as consumers share more of their personal information across multiple online and offline channels, they expect businesses to remember their preferences and purchasing history across multiple channels.

More than half would actively recommend and endorse a company that effectively used customer data to inform marketing campaigns.

26% of consumers would leave a positive review on a website if an online business gave them a personalised shopping experience.

Experian Marketing Services MD of data and analytics Nigel Wilson said that getting this right can provide incredibly positive results for businesses.

Our research shows that consumers today are ready to reward the businesses that treat them as an individual and tailor their communications to fit their personal circumstances.”

While the infographic below suggests that the lack of a joined-up sales approach can have a drastic effect, it’s important to remember that it’s difficult for respondents to accurately predict their own future behaviour – and it’s generally better to ask what they’ve done in the past.