Corporate communications has the double challenge of communicating internal messages while ever building the company brand. A third challenge presents itself when corporations implement company-wide social media initiatives because employees need more direction for a united, consistent result. 

How can corporate communications help employees help their company by using social media in a united, consistent way?

Cydney Koukol of Talent+, a leading human resources consulting firm, advises that employees generally want to help the company promote itself in social media, but either are hesitant about how to start into the realm having never entered, or do not really know what the company would like.

Including employees in social media brand building efforts builds the brand amongst employees. Physically participating in social media to build the company’s brand also increases employee commitment, and invokes a sense of unity and pride in helping their company in an alternative to the way than in their everyday jobs.

In order to move your employees forward in the social space, you can:

  1. Show employees the impact of social media today with some statistics or information in an infographic, article or video as you’d find on Econsultancy.
  2. Provide language and examples of what the company would like to see promoted in the social media other than shares, likes and retweets of company blogs and press releases.
  3. Share the impact of the employee social media activity with the employees if able and appropriate.

Companies can additionally relationship-build with employees by thanking them for their participation in supportive social media efforts and increase loyalty and goodwill in a cost effective manner. 

Engaging employee social media use on behalf of the company goes a long way in building both the company brand as well as employee commitment and productivity and with the right guidelines in place, you can bring your brand to even more customers through your biggest advocates – your employees.